by Loranne S. Dorman & Clive L. Rawlins

Title Prophet Of The Heart
Author Loranne S. Dorman & Clive L. Rawlins
Country & Year USA 1990
Publisher Omnibus Press
Pages 383
Notes ISBN 0-7119-1821-X (hardbound)
ISBN 0-7119-2774-X (paperback)
Summary "In this first comprehensive biography of Leonard Cohen, authors...reveal the life behind the songs, a man of complex emotions and enormous artistic talent; yet a man at odds with himself. Prophet Of The Heart presents Leonard Cohen in a kaleidoscopic array of self-expression and mood that has taken him from Montreal to New York to Hydra in the Aegean; to Cuba, Ethiopia, Israel, Poland, Australia and Japan; thence back across Europe and North America.

Cohen has written and spoken of his life and loves unashamedly. He has not spared himself nor his lovers; and he does not spare his readers. He is a man of great spiritual and mystical bent, whose Judaism led him from a deep personal dissatisfaction created by the horrors of the Holocaust and proctracted through many of the sub-cultures of our age: drugs, alcohol, sensuality, eastern mysticism, dianetics, astrology and Zen Buddhism. Cohen’s message has warmed and strengthened hearts throughout the world for thirty years. This is the story of his "two great intimacies": life and love." (From the back cover introduction)

The book is illustrated with 18 b/w photos and includes a discography and a bibliography. The authors were also working on another book about Cohen's songs, entlitled “Leonard Cohen: Troubador Of Truth”, a book which has not been (and never will be) published.

Thanks to Timo Närväinen for a copy of the book!